Troubleshooting Centreon Graphs

TO IDENTIFY ERROS WITH GRAPH, verify if: service-perfdata file exist in Nagios “var” directory ( /var/local/nagios/ # ll /usr/local/nagios/var/service-perfdata To find out where is inside centreon: Configuration>Nagios>Centreon>Central>”Perfdata file” service-perfdata is growing (if Nagios insert data il file)  (if not try […]

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How to setup Centreon with MK_Livestatus

How to setup Centreon with MK_Livestatus Setup mk_livestatus: wget -zxvf mk-livestatus-1.1.10p1.tar.gz cd mk-livestatus-1.1.10p1make installchown nagios.apache/usr/local/lib/mk-livestatus/livestatus.o To patch centreon to use multibrokers: SQL:1. Create new tables in DB: ‘centreon’ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `cfg_nagios_bkmod` (`bkmod_id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,`nagios_id` […]

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install nagios on centos 5.5

Howto install Nagios Centreon on CentOS 5.5 64bits updated/fast version Install Nagios on CentOS +————–————–——+ | INSTALL OS                 | +————–————–——+ 1.Install CentOS Select only Server option, witch has already lots of packets also too many Updates system # yum -y […]

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Upgrade Centreon to 2.1.8

Upgrade Centreon to 2.1.8 wget tar -zxvf centreon-2.1.8.tar.gz cd centreon-2.1.8 bash -u /etc/centreon (INFO, find / -name instCent*.conf will show u the directory) Go to the http:///centreon And follow the instructions *INFO: For update Centreon ( > 2.0) […]

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monitor esx with nagios

Its a system administrator duty to be sure the ESX servers health and performance are OK. I monitor: I believe the most important things to monitor are: CPU check_cpu_esx DISK check_disk VOLUMES (storage) check_vfs Hardware (Fan,Temp,Arrays,Memory Dimms,Disks etc…) check_openmanage check_hpasm-4.2.tar.gz […]

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How to install Centreon-Syslog module

1.Download and install the centreon-syslog-server # wget # tar -zxvf centreon-syslog-server-1.1.tar.gz # cd centreon-syslog-server-1.1.tar.gz # chmod +x # bash -i NOTE: go thru the interactive setup, u will need the mysql root pass. Make note of the […]

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